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The Key Roles of EMIA

  • Fostering and advancing interdisciplinary innovation in education programs by
    - Offering IIM and IIP degree programs in a structured way
    - Working with Schools to develop unique and innovative programs and new major/minor in “X”,
    - Coordinating collaborative capstone projects. 
  • Incubating new interdisciplinary education and research
    - Identifying emerging interdisciplinary topics for university in a systematic way
    - Doing pilot runs for new programs
    - Developing successful new programs and transferring them to other academic units
  • Coordinating interdisciplinary activities


Mission & Vision

In collaboration with Schools, the Division of Emerging Interdisciplinary Areas envisions to:

a) foster the agile development of new education programs; 

b) contribute to identifying emerging cutting edge and niche topics (namely “X”), 

c) coordinate interdisciplinary education and research initiatives within and outside HKUST for agile development of “X”.

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